Rayburn 200 Series

At just under 85cm wide, the Rayburn 200 Series is the smallest Rayburn cooker we offer, ideal for slotting in to kitchens limited by space. 

Rayburn 200 Series in Slate
Compact Size

With all the power and efficiency you would expect from an AGA Rayburn wrapped up in a compact size, the Rayburn 200 Series is ideal for smaller kitchens.

Featuring a hotplate with graduated heat, a large main oven and a lower warming oven, these heat storage cookers offer superb cooking and heating performance in a compact package.

Rayburn 200 Series models vary in their offering, so you can choose from cooking, cooking and hot water or a combined cooking, partial central heating and hot water system. 

Rayburn oven door open showing fuel burning
Solid Fuel

The Rayburn 200 Series range is designed to be powered by multi-fuel, including smokeless fuel, seasoned wood or peat briquettes.

Solid fuel and wood burning Rayburn cookers offer maximum flexibility, performance and economy thanks to a clever combination of air intakes, dampers and levers.

Apricot flan
Simply Better Food

The Rayburn offers a lower oven and a main oven with the main oven made of cast-iron and the lower oven made of high quality steel. The cast iron oven operates by using indirect radiant heat, the ovens cook with the gentle efficiency that is unique to AGA and Rayburn cookers. The lower oven operates at half the temperature of the main oven. 

The main oven can be used for simmering, baking and roasting whilst the lower oven is a warming oven, ideal for long, slow cooking and perfectly steamed, healthy vegetables.