Rayburn Range Cooker Collection

For 75 years, Rayburn by AGA has led the field in central heating range cookers and today's Rayburn cookers are the pinnacle of efficiency and flexibility. A Rayburn cooker will transform your kitchen in to a warm welcoming space and has the capability to power your radiators, supply all the hot water you could need and, with ovens that cook using the principle of radiant heat, creates the most delicious food.

Choose between Rayburn models that offer cooking only, cooking and hot water or cooking, hot water and central heating.

Rayburn 200 Series in Salcombe Blue
Cooking & Hot Water

If you're looking for an appliance which offers brilliant cooking and a constant supply of hot water, our Rayburn 212 models are ideal for you.

These compact appliances provide hot water to your home, ensuring you do not need space for an additional boiler, and offer cast-iron ovens for fabulous cooking. 

Our Rayburn 212 models run on solid fuel and are available in 15 gorgeous colours. 

Rayburn 300 Series in White
Cooking, Hot Water & Central Heating

Rayburn Central Heating models offer the ultimate flexibility and controllability for all your heating and cooking needs.

With a Rayburn 216 or 355 series range cooker you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are minimising effort and energy – all your cooking, heating and hot water needs in one neat package. That means you can enjoy a cosy, warm kitchen, hot water for all the family and heating for the rest of the home from one stunning appliance.