An extraordinary cooker demands a unique range of cookware, which is why every item in the AGA Cookshop Collection has been crafted to the same exacting standards as the AGA cooker.

AGA Cookshop's range of cookware is developed by experts to offer the best possible performance and durability, ensuring you get the best from your range cooker. Designed with style, quality and flexibility in mind and with great attention to even the smallest of detail, each piece is rigorously tested so you can be sure of unparalleled quality, value and durability.


AGA Cookshop Stainless Steel pans and casseroles
Stainless Steel Cookware

Superior Swiss-made 18/10 stainless steel pans feature a heavy 6mm super-thermic encapsulated base which gravitates towards the heat source, providing perfect contact with the hot plate or induction hob, resulting in even cooking.

The unique flat lid design allows for easy stacking in the AGA ovens, ensuring you make the most of your AGA cooker's generous capacity. 

AGA Cast Aluminium cookware
Cast Aluminium Cookware

The  lightweight, cast-aluminium cookware is ideal for cooking healthy meals as its scratch resistant Teflon® Platinum Plus non-stick coating makes cooking with less fat easy.

Many of the items in this range also feature a sturdy, removable handle, perfect for starting dishes off on the hob and transferring to the oven. 

An induction-friendly range is also available.

Open AGA filled with baking trays, ceramics and pans
Roasting Tins and Baking Trays

Designed to fit on the AGA cast-iron oven runners, our exclusively designed roasting tins and baking trays are available in a range of finishes and sizes to suit your cooking needs.

AGA Cook's Collection textiles range
AGA Textiles

A range of beautiful kitchen textiles, all designed with a keen attention to detail, to deliver superior performance and protection when reaching in to the deep AGA ovens. 

Generously sized gauntlets and double oven gloves, with their steam and grease barrier, provide maximum insulation, whilst our multi-purpose chef's pads can be used as pot grabs to protect dome lids and work surfaces, with selected designs featuring an acrylic coating so kitchen spills can be quickly wiped away. 

Range of AGA kettles in different colours
AGA Kettles

AGA kettles are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes and are suitable for hot plates and induction hobs.

Our kettles are designed for maximum performance with a thick, solid base, ensuring a quick boiling time.

Synonymous with the warmth and hospitality of an AGA kitchen, an AGA kettle is a great investment and will give you years of satisfaction when cared for. 

AGA Bakeware
AGA Bakeware

We've got everything you need to make baking hugely rewarding.

Our range of high quality, heavy duty designs enable shorter cooking times, even browning and easy cleaning. 

Cleaning set for your AGA cooker
AGA Cleaning

Your AGA works hard for you all year round and needs a little care too. To keep it looking in showroom condition, there is a wide range of AGA approved products that enable effortless cleaning of your enamel surfaces and hotplate lids.

Our products are specially developed to clean warm surfaces without smearing. 

AGA Ceramics
AGA Ceramics

An exclusive range of freezer-to-oven tableware which is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Scratch resistant for cut and serve and easy clean, this range of baking, roasting, gratin, Yorkshire pudding, muffin and pie dishes delivers excellent cooking results time after time.