Professional+ FX 90 / FXP 90

If oven size flexibility is what you are looking for then you you may want to have a look at the revolutionary Falcon Professional+ FX 90 and FXP 90 range cooker models. Both models are 90 cm and have a single oven cavity. However, the FX 90 and FXP 90 feature a unique energy saving panel, which enables you to split the oven in half giving you the option of a very large oven for feeding your family or a large group of friends or a compact single oven for smaller meals.

Falcon Professional+ FX/FXP 90 large single cavity oven

The Professional+ FX 90 and FXP 90 feature a large oven with a capacity of 114 litre  - perfect for cooking meals for large family gatherings and if you like entertaining.

Falcon Professional+ FX 90 with energy saving panel in place

The Professional+ FX 90 and FXP 90 are revolutionary in that they come with a unique energy saving panel (E.S.P.) that enables you to divide the oven in half. This gives you the best of both worlds: a large 114 liter multifunction oven (without E.S.P.), ideal for large family dinners or gatherings with friends, or a compact, economical multifunction oven (with E.S.P.) for smaller meals and daily use.

Falcon Professional+ FX 90 / FXP 90 multifunction oven with pizzas
Multifunction oven in both formats

Regardless of how you are using the oven – as a large single oven or with the energy saving panel in place as a smaller oven – you always have access to seven functions:

•    Fan oven
•    Fanned grilling
•    Fan assisted oven
•    Conventional oven
•    Browning element
•    Base heat
•    Defrost

Falcon Professional+ FX 90/FXP 90 gas hob with Teppanyaki griddle

The Professional+ FX 90 is available with either a gas hob or an induction hob. The FXP 90 comes with a gas hob. The gas hob on both models has five burners, including a multi-ring burner, and comes with a wok cradle and Teppanyaki griddle. The induction hob on the FX 90 model has five powerful cooking zones.

Falcon Professional+ FX 90/FXP 90 Teppanyaki Griddle

The health conscious will be delighted with the non-stick Teppanyaki griddle that comes as standard with both the Professional+ FX 90 and the Professional+ FXP 90 dual fuel models. The griddle is designed with healthy cooking in mind; its grooved design helps to drain any fat away from your food. The griddle is easily lifted off the hob and can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Falcon Professional+ FXP 90  Dual Fuel in Cream

The Professional+ FXP 90 has an additional function - a pyrolytic cleaning function. With pyrolytic cleaning dirt is converted into ash by creating a very high temperature. The pyrolytic function on the Professional+ FXP 90 heats the oven to 450°C; the very heat that is generated causes all food residues to turn into ash. At the end of the programme the ash can simply be wiped away with a cloth. You now have a thoroughly clean oven again.